Friday, February 4, 2011

Polemic Tribulation Time Perception

from the Greek Septuigent-
compression, pressure
Polemic tribulation time perception
bipolar conscious states fluctuating time perception.
"time flies when having fun" as opposed to "waiting for the water to boil".
A child's unconditioned perception of time
-is diametrically opposed to-
an adult's percieved conditioned response to time.
Thus forms a theory of time being a factor of age.
Freezing Time-
the act of a manipulation
of our unconditioned/conditioned perceptions,
precisely upon the cusp of a major paradigm shift.
A final polemic equation:
x = Unconditioned
y = Conditioned
z = Sophia the child from True Source
x = Love
y = Hate
z = Earth the Eve from The Chaos
x = Option of Choice
y = Option of Choice
z = Buoyancy of reckoning The Gift

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