Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Insanity will be televised.................at the sound of the tone..............beeeeeeeep

The Performance
A defiant Moammar Gadhafi

The bizarre, volatile style.
Brown robe turban wearing reflective sunglasses,
screamed voice breaking shook fists.
Then... quietly took out a pair of reading glasses
and commenced to read from a green-covered law book...
...train of thoughts lost...a new round of shouting escalate,
a more bizarre image of Gadhafi emerges,
waving his arms wildly alone in a broken-down empty lobby,
surrounded by torn tiles dangling from the ceiling, shattered concrete pillars and bare plumbing pipes.
"Libya wants glory,
Libya wants to be at the pinnacle,
at the pinnacle of the world"
"I am a fighter,
a revolutionary from tents. ...
I will die as a martyr at the end,
to my last drop of blood."
misguided youths,
given drugs and money by a small, sick group
fomented by bearded men"
"take to the streets to attack demonstrators,
police would not interfere."
"You men and women who love Gadhafi ...
get out of your homes and fill the streets,"
"Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs."
"Go out and fight them,"
"for the defense of the revolution and the defense of Gadhafi."
"Forward, forward, forward!"
He barked while pumping fists in the air storming away from the podium;
kissed by about a dozen supporters, some in security force uniforms.
With umbrella in hand he climbed into a golf cart-like vehicle
and puttered away.

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