Tuesday, February 8, 2011

allowing ourselves to view the Universe as It views Itself

the observer's knowledge of the actual state is close to the truth,
the very act of observation and verification causes a quantum jump,
The resultant
an organized pure state of being.
the observer's knowledge of the actual state is false,
atrophy hinders a change,
The resultant
a chaotic state of being.
To attempt to create reality opposed to what IS
adds to an increase of chaos and entropy.
Beliefs counter to the truth,
no matter how strongly one believes them,
comes into conflict with how The Universe views Itself.
Allowing ourselves to view The Universe as It views Itself,
objectively, without blinking,
with acceptance of reality,
flowing with how things really are,
we then become one within The Creative Energy of Uncreated Creator.
Our very consciousness becomes a resonator of order energy,
our actions are effortless with what IS.
Our allowing the energy of observation, given unconditionally,
matched by effortless actions,
flows the pure order from chaos,
created out of the infinite potential.
The effortless view of The Universe as It views Itself with an objective acceptance,
even in the face of what might be horrible,
can actually lead to amelioration of that horror.
To view The Universe and to deny the truth,
to insist that one can believe whatever one wants to believe and thereby make it so,
is to deny reality and contributes to the chaos, the destruction, the suffering.
It is not whether or not one "believes" in good things or bad things that makes good things or bad things happen.
It is the factual observation of reality and whether or not it leads to a true assessment or a fatal deception.

What is the solution?
The TRUTH - as close to It as we can objectively get.

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