Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Message from the Kogi revisited

From the beginning in Colombia
everything, everything remained as it
among us,
the native people;
the same belief, the same mask,
the same dance.
Everything well organised, in order,
A terrace for every animal.
Younger brother was permitted in
other places,
other countries.
There was a dividing line, the sea.
He said, ‘Younger Brother that side,
Elder Brother this side.
You cannot cross it.’
Because this Colombia was the heart of
The world,
Of the whole universe.
But Younger Brother came from
another country
and immediately saw gold
and immediately began to rob.
There were golden images,
golden oracles.
The Mama prophesied with golden
he had a golden tuma,
he had everything
and Younger Brother took it all to
another country.
Now the Mama grows sad,
he feels weak.
He says that the earth is decaying.
The earth is losing its strength
Because they have taken away much
many minerals.
A human being has much liquid inside.
If the liquid dries up we fall with
This same thing can happen to the
Weakness makes you fall,
So the earth catches diseases of all
The animals die.
The trees dry up.
People fall ill.
Many illnesses will appear
And there will be no cure for them
Because the Younger Brother is among us,
Younger Brother is violating
The basic foundation of the world’s law
A total violation.
Building highways,
Extracting petrol,
We tell you,
We the people of this place,
that is the violation
So the Mamas say,
please BBC
no one else should come here,
no more ransacking
because the earth wants to collapse,
the earth grows weak,
we must protect it,
we must respect it,
because he does not respect the earth,
because he does not respect it.’
Younger Brother thinks,
Yes! Here I am! I know much about
the universe!
But this knowing is learning to destroy
the world,
to destroy everything,
all humanity.
The earth feels, they take out petrol, it
feels pain there.
So the earth sends out sickness.
There will be many medicines,
but in the end the drugs will not be of
any use.
The Mamas say that this tale must be
by the Younger Brother.

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