Saturday, October 8, 2011



The Only GOD Human Can See

It is evident- Flora Fauna of Earth flourish with or without human hand.
The weed emerging through macadam bituminous asphalt
The human correction sprayed with herbicide deemed Flora an invasive species, therefore, undesireable.

Flora and Fauna, if given It's druthers, would happily prefer that humans did not exist upon Earth.
For man's existence upon Earth has been one of disharmony and, ultimately, the prime contributor to the extinction of Life on Earth.
A fact seen throughout human history up into this present time.
The Earth suffers humans upon Her breast, sucking the Life from Her, without prejudice. What good and pleasant contribution has the human experience wrought in honor of Earth's Flora Fauna?
Everything humans put hands upon has turned to shit.
The insult most grand to the Realm that has given, unbiasedly, human's the right to exist- AIR to breath- WATER to quench thirst-FLORA FAUNA to sait hunger.

The unspoken reality-without Earth, human would NOT exist.

The unspoken reality- without human, Earth would exist.

The Earth, quite a simple truth, need not the correction nor the recognition of human in It's traverse across the Universe.
Alas, Earth has become the footstool of a perverted race of creatures.
Without thought, human will break off a piece of Earth to wipe it's ass; and not for once be thankful that at one time, that reviled shit, was the very Flora Fauna that was once craved to quell hunger and sustain human life.
Human preach the message of a love from a god.

A human named jesus said you will know them by their fruit.

If humans believe they are their god's people;

is this the fruit of their gospel?

A Song of Birth @ 10:05 p.m. the 8th of October 52 years ago

Spirit- Randy California Natures Way Promo 1995

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Friday, October 7, 2011


The Nature of Revolution

"...revolution is seldom so sudden, so spectacular, so disorganizing...

The course of social change is lower, deeper.

The reversal of social attitudes toward the basic institutions of the community is not alone the work of a skirmish between Roundheads and Cavaliers, the storming of a Bastille, a Boston Tea Party, or the mutiny of a few regiments of the Russian Imperial Guard.

Revolution is rather the final critical culmination of a long series of social changes.

The crumbling institutional controls break down.

The basic consensus of the society is dissipated.

Chaos and turmoil are inevitable until a new consensus is evolved.

A revolution is a cumulative rather than a precipitate crisis."

pages 972-973 of Chapter 24 in Part 5 from:




Associate professor of Sociology
University of Kansas

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Dartmouth College

Copyright, 1934, 1941, by Harper & Brothers

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News: I die here to prove evil is here

from an old lady in Fukushima


We appreciate your devotion from our heart.


Gradually, we are getting to know that the nuclear is the disguised devil. We may call it an improvement.


Fukushima disaster will never be settled. never.


Authorities will conceal it forever.


We are visiting the disaster refugee’s shelters to listen to them every Tuesday.


Someone from Namie cho cried, "It’s full of lies. will never read newspaper or TV."


"I wish I was killed by Tsunami", she says too.


She also says, "Authorities and EXPERTS tell us to go back to our contaminated hometown.

First of all, they should live with their children and grandchildren."


How could I cheer them up?


People in power deceive us. This is the truth.


Japan took the wrong way from the very beginning after WWW2.


It kills me to see Japanese people still trust their "official" announcement full of lies.
Nothing has been learnt since WWW2.
I see the endless madness and stupidity of Japanese race in today’s situation.


"Left and stand alone in the dark."


This is the reality of all the Fukushima citizens.


We know the dawn won’t come. However, we can’t help living here day after day.


and we are going to die here.


As evidence of all the sin, crime, evil, and deception of them.



Fukushima will never be settled.

I die here
to prove evil is here.


9/30/2011 in Fukushima

Posted by Mochizuki on October 3rd, 2011




Not in my backyard

Not in my backyard
(dooryard open from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday- Friday)
This plot of land
groomed for my protection.
Four walled enclave
free from invasion.
Complacent one,
self absorbed,
within hot house glass.
Duck and cover
a thing of the past.
Nuclear family
atomic blast.
You look down upon the lesser with disdain,
handicapped yourself,
you reserve the right to bitch and complain.
This bubble you create
imperfect obtuse,
encroaches on others
familiarity becomes abuse.
Not in my back yard
boast of impenetrable façade;
as a bulldozer wrecks your fragile ego
with one swift motion
across the whole subdivision.