Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News: I die here to prove evil is here

from an old lady in Fukushima


We appreciate your devotion from our heart.


Gradually, we are getting to know that the nuclear is the disguised devil. We may call it an improvement.


Fukushima disaster will never be settled. never.


Authorities will conceal it forever.


We are visiting the disaster refugee’s shelters to listen to them every Tuesday.


Someone from Namie cho cried, "It’s full of lies. will never read newspaper or TV."


"I wish I was killed by Tsunami", she says too.


She also says, "Authorities and EXPERTS tell us to go back to our contaminated hometown.

First of all, they should live with their children and grandchildren."


How could I cheer them up?


People in power deceive us. This is the truth.


Japan took the wrong way from the very beginning after WWW2.


It kills me to see Japanese people still trust their "official" announcement full of lies.
Nothing has been learnt since WWW2.
I see the endless madness and stupidity of Japanese race in today’s situation.


"Left and stand alone in the dark."


This is the reality of all the Fukushima citizens.


We know the dawn won’t come. However, we can’t help living here day after day.


and we are going to die here.


As evidence of all the sin, crime, evil, and deception of them.



Fukushima will never be settled.

I die here
to prove evil is here.


9/30/2011 in Fukushima

Posted by Mochizuki on October 3rd, 2011




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