Sunday, January 2, 2011

SOPHIA—a feminine emanation

SOPHIA—a feminine emanation
  Gnostic cosmology describes the central sun of our particular galaxy as a living entity,
intelligent light plasma.
The ‘arms’ that extend and swirl out from that central sun are like ‘children’ of that core awareness.
These plasma extensions reach out to the periphery of the galaxy where solid matter is formed,
and this is where the play, construct destruct of material creation, is acted out.
These conscious extensions stretch out and form solid worlds
where living beings in infinite variety express individual ‘dream’ of creativity.
Acting as a benevolent, loving parent,
the central sun allows great leeway in the creative expression of its children
in order that they might learn the lessons needed through their acts of creation.
Planet Earth first originated as the inspired dream
an intelligent stream of light plasma extending from the central sun.
That stream of light was SOPHIA—a feminine emanation.
  Impulsive Sophia was so enraptured by Her dream of creation that She plunged into the realm of physical matter alone, without Her balancing male consort.
In doing so, an accidental aberration occurred.
Within Sophia’s dream of creation was an ideal for living, intelligent creatures that would become humans.
For that ideal to properly manifest, it needed to blend with organic matter.
However, in Her brash impulsive plunge, Her template for human creation blended with inorganic matter,
creating an aberrant species that could never properly manifest Sophia’s ideal for the human species!
Benevolent central sun deemed Sophia would be required to learn from Her mistakes.
  A portion of Her dream did successfully blend with organic matter and proper humans came into being,
yet they were now doomed to confrontation by their aberrant cousins
in the unfolding drama and competition for planet Earth.
And Sophia, not only formed Earth from Her dream
She actually became Earth.
Goddess Sophia literally morphed into the living planet Herself.
Earth is Sophia!
Earth the living mother of all humanity!
What has subsequently unfolded as human history is the
conflict drama
between Sophia’s intention for human expression
and its accidental, mirror competitors.
Only when humans ultimately discover this vital truth
overcome their adversary
will they achieve Sophia’s divine dream
for their destiny.

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