Friday, January 21, 2011

I am the son of the man who took your name

It is the absolute-
you wait for the harvest.
Harvest of what?
The harvester of eyes?
...just busy yourself in the interim-
knowing there will soon be pasta in the boiling water.
...........................Greedy little hand..........................

flash back

sticking out their greedy little hand
circa early 1970's
by a student of Protean thought

Doorbell rings,
its the season
and you know what's the reason
There's someone out there
whose after your share
sticking out his greedy little hand.

First to come in is the doorman,
he'll complain he's a poor man.
The janitor is next
on some weak pretext;
sticking out their greedy little hand.

Then there comes your superintendent's visit
he will ring your bell loud and long
you will open up and ask, "What is it?"
and he'll just smile and sing a christmas song.

Later on you'll get choked up
by the man who picks trash up.
For once in a year
its nice they're all here,
sticking out their greedy little hand.

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