Sunday, January 16, 2011



Those were strange experiences into which the
subjective minds were forced, by the Creative
Gods, and were as different from what they had
ever before known as night is different from day.
To put those infant, subjective minds among the
lower animals, was like sending helpless children
into a wilderness infested by savages, for those
infant minds were innocent and ignorant, and met
with the same fate that ignorance and innocence
always meet, when they come into contact with
grossness and brutality. They became enslaved
by those whom they came to help, and it was then
that Soul Slavery began upon this earth, when
animal minds enslaved subjective minds and made
them subservient to their wills. And, as those
subjective minds, or Children of God, sank deeper into
the material experiences of earth life, with their
animal bodies and animal minds, they gradually
forgot their divine origin, and their former states
of happiness, and, like the animals they had
espoused, they also became controlled by the
throbbing, burning emotions with which the animal
minds were filled.
But, in the heart of every Child of God, was left a
longing for better conditions. Vaguely, at times,
one seemed to realize that there was something they
had lost and wondered what it was. Sometimes
one could almost remember something of a former
state, when harmony had prevailed with them ; and
then, storms of emotions swept over them and
again one forgot, yielded to their animal desires and
sank lower into the selfish gratification of them.
After a time it was only on rare occasions that
one yielded to a reminiscent mood, that seemed
to take them back in sub-conscious memory to other
days of peace. Usually it was after a tragedy;
and, while suffering from the reaction following
it, or, in the stillness of a night when one was alone
with that strange, weird something they could not
see but sometimes could feel, they turned their
thoughts backward and tried to remember what
it was, that one once had, that had now departed.
And, after many reminiscences and disappointments
the thought came that it was happiness one
had lost, and it was happiness one must find again.
And when the subjective minds, or Children of God,
had finally reached the bottom of the pit of physical
and mental misery, into which they sank after
becoming enslaved by their animal minds, they
began to struggle upward dragging those animal
minds with them, and with, seemingly, nothing but
hope to help them on.
That the desire is strongly implanted in the
human-animal soul to know something about itself,
is shown by almost the first questions a child
asks when it begins to think and to speak coherently.
It looks earnestly and inquiringly into the
face of its nurse and asks:
Where did I come from, and how did I come here?"
It is the cry of the soul trying to remember its
origin; and, as the child grows to maturity, that
same question, many times unsatisfactorily answered,
burns in its heart and springs to its lips.
And it is really nothing but ignorance, concerning
one's origin, that has caused humanity's submission to
the bondage, either mental or physical, that has
chained them to a limiting environment.
To most people, the word slavery brings only
the mental picture of men and women who are
giving, to other individuals, the services of their
physical bodies without remuneration.
This is but one, and the lightest, of all forms of slavery ;
since, sometimes, the soul of one, whose body is in
bondage, is free to gain the spiritual happiness
that all evolving souls earnestly crave.

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