Thursday, March 24, 2011

If the Past is this, then the Future is... Solar Cycle 24

Solar Cycle 1704-1706
Solar Cycle 1716-1718
Solar Cycle 1726-1728
Solar Cycle 1737-1739
Solar Cycle 1749-1751
Solar Cycle 1: 1760-1762
Solar Cycle 2: 1768-1770

Solar Cycle 3: 1777-1779
1776-1783 American Revolution.

Solar Cycle 4: 1786-1788
1788-1791 French Revolution.
1789 US Constitution adopted.

Solar Cycle 5: 1803-1805 under 100 wide (1802-1806)
1803-1806 Napoleon conquers Europe.

Solar Cycle 6: 1815-1817 under 100
1815-1817 Two wars to defeat Napoleon;
German, English and Serbian riots;
Brazil, Chile and Argentina declare independence.

Solar Cycle 7: 1829-1831 under 100
1828-1832 Revolts in Turkey, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, France, Britain;
Virginia slave revolt;
the Black underground railroad begins.

Solar Cycle 8: 1836-1838
1837-1840 Constitutional revolts in Canada,
slavery debate outlawed in US, Texas Independence,
Boer separatists occupy African lands,
British-Afghan war;
Opium War
1937 Major Banking Crisis in the U.S.

Solar Cycle 9: 1847-1849
1846-1848 Mexican War.
1848-1851 Revolts and revolutions in Poland, Switzerland, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Naples, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw;
US Mexican War starts;
Taiping Rebellion starts.

Solar Cycle 10: 1859-1861 under 100
1858 Bottom year of a depression in the U.S.
1861 American Civil War begins.
1861-1865 Civil War in America,
revolts in India, Italy, China.

Solar Cycle 11: 1869-1871 wide 1869-1872
1869-1870 Franco/Prussian War.
1869-1872 Paris Revolutionary Commune.

Solar Cycle 12: 1882-1884 under 100
1883-1886 Big US labor strikes,
revolt in Sudan,
First Indian Congress meets.
1883 Bottom year of a major depression in the U.S.

Solar Cycle 13: 1892-1894 under 100
1893-1895 Zulu revolt, Cuban revolution.

Solar Cycle 14: 1905-1907 under 100
1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War.
1905-1908 first revolts begin in Russia.
1905-1908 Widespread strikes,
revolts among German miners, Hottentots, Turks, Indians, Honduras.
1908 Bottom year of a short depression.

Solar Cycle 15: 1916-1918 just barely 100
1914-1918 First World War.
1916-18 Irish and Indian revolts.
1917 Russian Revolution.
1919 The Atom is Split.

Solar Cycle 16: 1927-1929 under 100 wide 1926-1929
1927-1929 Fabled American Bull Run ends in crash of the stock market in long slow slide which bottoms in 1933.
1926 Hitler in jail for NAZI’s attempted Munich Putsch, begins writing Mein Kampf which outlines how he will lead Germany to make the world’s greatest power.
1927-1931 Mussolini and Hitler build power on economic unrest;
revolt in Vienna and China; formation of Red Army;
Spanish Republic formed;
mass civil disobedience in India launches Ghandi’s campaign to free India.

Solar Cycle 17: 1936-1938 wide 1936-1939
1936-1939 Spanish Civil War,
Germany and Japan start World War II
1937-1940 US steel strike.

Solar Cycle 18: 1947-1949 wide 1947-1950
1946-1949 Greek Civil War,
India-Pakistan riots,
Red Army wins China,
Vietnam revolts.
1947 - 1948 Flying saucer sightings begin, saucer crashes in Roswell, NM.
1948 Ghandi assassinated,
Israel's War for Independence
1950-1953 Korean War.

Solar Cycle 19: 1956-1958 huge peak wide 1956-60
1957 - 1960 Israel invades Sinai, Hungarian uprising,
Cuban revolution,
civil rights movement begins in US,
French-Algerian war,
MauMau revolt,
Iraq revolt.
1957 Vietnam War begins.
1958 Eisenhower recession.
1960-1961 Eisenhower warns of the danger of “shadows” in the unfettered military industrial complex,
Kennedy “race to the moon” begins.

Solar Cycle 20: 1967-1969 stumpy wide 1967-1970
1965- 1967 Haight-Ashbury Flower Children launch the hippie movement.
1967-69 Height of Vietnam War, peace demonstrations, worldwide student uprisings,
Czechoslovakian uprising/USSR invasion,
US inner city riots,
Israeli Arab war,
Woodstock and height of hippy movement,
1968 Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinated ,
first big anti-war marches in US, first US inner city riots,
1969 First public men on Moon.

Solar Cycle 21: 1978-1980 wide 1978-1982
1978 World's First Test Tube Baby Born,
Carter Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt.
1979 Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant leaks radiation.
1979-82 Polish Solidarity begins,
US anti-tax movement reaches heights and elects Reagan,
Shah of Iran overthrown,
Iraq-Iran war begins,
USSR invades Afghanistan,
Falklands War,
Sandinistas oust Somas,
Zimbabwe gains independence,
anti-nuclear and peace demonstrations increase worldwide,
US aid to "contras" in Nicaragua,
US invades Grenada,
Tamils rebel in Sri Lanka.
1979-1980 US Bid to Rescue Hostages Fails.
1980 Iran-Iraq War begins (lasts until next peak in 1988).
1981 President. Sadat of Egypt assassinated.
1982: Israel Invades S Lebanon,
Falklands War
1982 Reagan recession.

Solar Cycle 22: 1988-1990 wide 1988-1992
1987-88 Palestinian Infiltada begins,
Eastern European dissidents organize,
USSR & US sign missile treaty,
USSR begins pullout from Afghanistan.
1987 Crash in World Stock Markets.
1989 Tianamen Square Chinese student democracy movement crushed.
1989 Protest and peaceful revolution in Eastern Bloc, dismantling of Berlin Wall.
1989-1992 Glasnost process begins dissolution of Soviet Union,
end of Communist Party domination;
Communist Party coup in Russia fails
1989-91 End of apartheid in South Africa,
beginnings of patriot and militia movements in US,
Somalia civil war,
Yugoslavia begins slaughter in Bosnia,
Sandinistas lose Nicaraguan elections.
1990 Mandela Released,
East and West Germany Re-Unite.
1990 Iraqi Troops Invade Kuwait.
1991 The Gulf War; multi-national forces liberate Kuwait from Iraq,
Balkan Civil War begins as communist Yugoslavia collapses.

Solar Cycle 23: 1999-2001 wide 1999-2002
1998-2000 Peace treaty in Northern Ireland,
overthrow of Indonesia’s Suharto,
Serbian-KLA conflicts increase.
US/ NATO decides to "resolve" conflict through massive bombing of the whole nation,
India-Pakistan skirmishes over Kashmir increase; militias burn East Timor, drive people into camps in West Timor;
big demonstrations at WTO meeting in Seattle;
rising religious strife in India and Indonesia,
increasing civil war in Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka;
overthrow of Milosevic in Serbia;
1999 Worldwide Y2K Scare.
1999 Palestinian Infiltada re-commences after “virtual agreement” with Israel2000 Dot-com bubble breaks;
Supreme Court intrudes in the U.S. elections, throws results of Florida vote to make the loser of the popular vote into a winner of the electoral vote to become the U.S. President made by judicial interference.
2001 Attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon; War on Terrorism begins.
2000-02 Peace treaty disrupted in Northern Ireland;
land confiscations in Zimbabwe;
worldwide protests against WTO/IMF/World Bank in Seattle,
Washington DC,
Quebec City,
Genoa and other cities
2002-2003 Bush diverts War on Terrorism into personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein,
massive protests demonstrate against Iraq war.

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