Friday, December 31, 2010

Trimorphic Protennoia

Trimorphic Protennoia
"Triple-Formed Original Thought"
  Before Her plunge into chaos,
Sophia imagined a world outside the Pleroma-
It is a system composed of three components:
a star (sun)
a planet
a moon, the satellite of the planet
Her plunge is described in three distinct stages or increments:
First - Protennoia is the voice of the First Thought who descends first as light into darkness to give shape to Her fallen members.
Second - Protennoia is the Speech of the Thought who descends to empower Her fallen members by giving them spirit or breath.
Third - Protennoia is the Word or Logos of the Thought who descends in the likeness of the powers, assumes a human appearance, introduces the illuminatory baptismal light of the Five Seals and restores Her members into the light.
The world order previewed by Sophia in the original moment
when She gazed from the galactic core out to the spiraling limbs
does not come to be,
but Her vision persists.
Despite the deviant world system brought about by Her fall into chaos,
Sophia's original undeviated vision persists
and allows for correction of the world system we inhabit.
The correction is achieved, in part, through human co-evolution with Earth's purposes
experiencing it empathically and imaginally, engages us in Sophia's correction.
Our responsibility to the Earth depends on our involvement in a supra-earthly vision -
our total, experiential, even visceral involvement.
Gnostics taught that the cosmos we inhabit came about by an error,
an anomaly,
and how we are involved in creation being corrected.
Re-centering us in Sophia's Dreaming
so that we can grow
an understanding of our role in Earth's cosmic realignment,
Her way home
Her source.

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  1. it can seem awesome when contemplating the fall of Sophia into chaos and the depths of that chaos and our own predicament. But what makes me smile is the proto nature of the early gnostic writings and how they retained elements of man's earliest religious conceptions. whatever can be said on that subject then pales in comparison to another fact - that humans have only lived the last 0.1% in recorded written history. 99.9% of our history was before. this fact has not escaped modern revisionists who try to pain the past in our colours when actually originally we were not worse in our behaviour than animals and certainly did not wage war and for a long time that was considered blasphemy so however far the fall into chaos is, Sophia is passing on an uplifting message that lifted us up countless times in our more recent history to within sight of what Jesus was describing to his disciples. A paradise that is forever and exists for anyone to find. And was originally a reality, today the brave people who believe in this deserve to treat themselves because there's an upswell of opposition that is whacking us hard and our voice is being drowned out until the people no longer believe in the discourse that is loudest