Friday, December 17, 2010

redeeming our inner demons

"dysdaimonic genius"
A special characteristic of the daimonic model considers
creativity on one side,
angered rage on the other side,
coming from the same source.
That is, constructiveness and destructiveness have the same source in human personality.
This source is simply human potential.
The daimonic needs to be directed and channeled.
Our age is one of transition,
in which the normal channels for utilizing the daimonic are denied;
and such ages tend to be times when the daimonic is expressed in its most destructive form.
One uses depression as one utilizes anxiety:
by blindly following its lead into
-- and hopefully out of --
the daimonic labyrinth.
Depression -- like anxiety -- does,
when correctly related to,
redirect the individual back toward their suppressed daimonic passions,
and thus,
to life.

The Psychology of Creativity:
redeeming our inner demons
an interview with
Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D.
by Douglas Eby

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